MApp gives you access to the largest, most comprehensive, and regularly updated collection of maps in the UK. Airports, museums, shopping centres, zoos, and more, all from a single point of entry!

Ever wanted easy access to hundreds of maps and centre guides, right at your fingertips? Had that annoying moment where you wanted to find a shop in a large shopping centre, and ended up having to ask multiple people for directions, or finding the information kiosk for a centre guide? Imagine being able to flick out your smartphone, or tablet, and see what you need on a map in a matter of seconds!

With MApp, you can find what you’re looking for in and around hundreds of public places all over the UK with absolute ease. We’ve MAppt shopping centres, theme parks, zoos, airports, and many more places to make your days out that little bit easier! It’s no longer a necessity to download each individual place’s app to find out where you need to go, as you can do that right here!

Key Features include:
◆ World map to view all MAppt places
◆ Locate yourself on the world map to view MAppt places nearby to you
◆ Nearby tab to display the places around you in order of distance
◆ Search bar to find just what you’re looking for in our database of over 1000 maps in the UK alone

Categories include:
◆ Airports
◆ Arenas & Stadiums
◆ Hospitals
◆ Museums
◆ Parks
◆ Shopping Centres
◆ Theme Parks
◆ Train Stations
◆ Universities
◆ Zoos & Aquariums

That’s just the beginning of MApp! Soon, we’ll be adding incredible interactive maps that will revolutionize the indoor world; real time special offers in shopping centres, ride information in theme parks, and gate opening notifications in airports are just a handful of amazing interactive content to be found in MApp!

* If there’s something you’re looking for that we’ve not yet MAppt, tell us about it on the feedback form and we’ll endeavour to include it within 3 days (subject to availability).

User Feedback

“You’ve got absolutely everything on here! It’s awesome!” – Lee A.

“I already found myself using it whilst shopping the other day. I didn’t know where a shop was and then I thought ‘wait, MApp!” – Danielle C.

“This is SO useful. Can’t wait for the interactive maps! Can definitely see this catching on.” – Jordan T.



MAppator is the company behind MApp, a team of three, namely Merott, Sahand, and Stacey.