Here at MApp, our vision is to have interactive maps of hundreds and thousands of public places throughout the UK. By making them interactive, we plan to revolutionise the way in which we navigate these places, making it easier for you to find exactly where you want to go from where you already are. We want to enable the user to access and use the maps for all places and attractions within the UK, in one single app.

There’ll also be additional features on these interactive maps. Real time special offers in shopping centres, ride information in theme parks, and gate opening notifications in airports are just a handful of amazing interactive content you’ll be able to find in MApp! Universities will be able to annotate and mark points of interest on their campus’, such as buildings and theatres at exam time, with exam codes to help students find where they have to be. We’ll be able to highlight specific events within the university’s forum, displaying drinks offers and ticket purchasing options.

Our aim is to innovate and create maps which are simple to use, and we hope it will become second nature for you to use them when you’re out and about. We’re really looking forward to seeing what we can do with MApp, and how we can make it easier for everyone to use.

Watch this space!